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History of Dates in Tunisia: The palm tree and date fruit are national symbols of Tunisia, and Eden Palm is dedicated to showcasing the date palm’s important place in Tunisian history, heritage and culture. Cultivated in Tunisia since 5000 years, the Date Palm Tree is often named “the Tree of Life”. In the desert, the nomadic tribes often call the dates “bread of the desert”. Dates are praised all over the world for their high nutritional value. Deglet Nour or Noor means “Dates of light”: So called, because of their slight translucency and their elongated shape. Their seed is visible right through the flesh when held to the light. The “Deglet Noor date” is famous worldwide and often recognized as the best of all the dates. It is commonly referred to as the "Queen of all dates". Navel Oranges, Tunisian fresh juicy oranges. Oranges boost a person's immunity when dealing with everyday viruses and infections like the common cold. They keep the skin looking beautiful, by helping fight against skin damage caused by the sun and pollution. Drinking orange juice for 60 days decreased low-density lipoprotein (LDL cholesterol or "bad cholesterol") in people with high cholesterol. For more information please contact: MEDILIFE "Mediterranean Premium Food" Office Phone:**********